Our Family’s Favorite Sets


LEGO sets are great for two awesome reasons: the joy of LEGO building and the fun of a toy. We love LEGO sets here in the Brick household, and here are a few of our favorites (and why!)

Kiddo loves LEGO Creator sets, and as parents, we have to agree: they are pretty cool. The best part is that they are three sets in one. More build combinations = more playability, which means more value for your money, too! Right now Kiddo’s favorite is the Park Animals set we got him earlier this year. He loves the fact that he can build a dog, squirrel, owl, or a duck(complete with ducklings) depending on what he wants to play with. The animals are all adorable and are posable, too. The dog is a special favorite of ours! He is just so cute, it is easy to forget that he is made from bricks.

Daddy Brick loves just about any castle that LEGO comes out with. His favorite, though, is a set he had as a child that started his love of all things LEGO in the first place: the Black Knight’s Castle. It had super cool turrets complete with banners waving and crossbow-wielding minifigs. The dungeon and the drawbridge are also pretty cool. Daddy liked this set as a kid mostly for the minifigs and because the older castles were named after a King, but there were never any king minifigs included. This set, on the other hand, came with loads of guys to play with. The knights came with decked-out horses, including sword scabbards, and there’s even a ghost in case one of them meets a ghastly fate. Daddy’s set is a little worse for the wear, from all the action it saw over the years, but he will never part with this one! Kiddo loves the raised base, not a feature you see very often. This set can keep both Brick boys entertained for hours!

Mama is a fan of the modular building sets. From a city herself, she loves the charming urban style and is always looking for new buildings to add to her city. Her favorite is the Town Hall set that came out a few years ago. It is the biggest set we own, and it took Mama a long time to build (mostly because she wouldn’t let anyone else help). However, once she had it complete, it became a favorite of everyone in the Brick household! it is super cool to play with. It has an elevator so that your minifigs can get to each of the three floors. There’s a business office and a podium on the first floor, the Mayor’s office is on the second(we love having the Mayor officiate minifig weddings) and then there’s a conference room up on the third. Plus, have you seen that clock tower? It is awesome!

There you have it, our favorite sets. We love brick boxes too, where we can build anything, but for specialty pieces and added fun, you can’t go wrong with one of these sets!