Other Uses for Your Brick Creations

The greatest thing about building with bricks is their versatility. With such a large variety of shapes, size, and style of pieces, there are endless ways to fit them together. Believe it or not, there are even some practical, everyday uses for brick creations, and you don’t have to be a master builder to create many of them. There are plenty of places online that will show you how to build just about anything simply by typing “LEGO life hacks” into your favorite search engine. Here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired:

Key holder: always losing your keys? Constantly forget to use the key hook you put by the front door specifically for that purpose? It is way more fun with bricks! At our house, each of our keyrings hasa 2 x 2 coupling plate (part 3176 if you’re interested) that we decorated either according to its purpose or user. There is a 4 x 10 plate (part 3030) near our front door that we attach our keys to when we come in. We haven’t lost keys inside the house in years!

Charging dock: phones and tablets come in all shapes and sizes. It can be difficult, especially if you have an “off” brand or older model, to find something that will hold your device. However, if you build it yourself with bricks, you can get a custom designed dock that will fit all of your needs. They can also double as a viewing stand! Here’s the best part:Minifigs’ claw-shaped hands are the perfect size to hold that charging cord! How cool is that? We’ve seen everything from elaborate space station designs to a straightforward brick assembly. If you’re interested in building one, take a look at what other users have put together online. It is sure to inspire you.

Shelves: if you’ve ever stepped on a brick or tried to take apart a well-assembled wall, you know how sturdy bricks are. If you have enough of them, bricks can make great shelves or bookcases. You just have to build it to the specs of what you want the shelves to hold! We’ve noticed that it helps here to use flat tiles on top of the shelves to provide a smooth, shelf-like surface. We personally have never put anything other than toys or some books on brick-made shelves, so test the durability before you decide to put, say, a heavy piece of electronic equipment on it.

We have also seen people drop button magnets into the stud holes on bricks to make them magnetic (instant paperclip holder!) or put adhesive on one side so that it can be used to securely hold just about anything you want. You can also build door stops, planters, coasters, toothbrush or desk caddies, and all kinds of other objects. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your brick supply!