Ambitious Idea

Legos are the gift of the toy gods. They are anywhere and everywhere in the world. There is something addictive about them. You get hooked mighty fast as a child, and sometimes the mania to build things lingers on. If you are an adult with children, you can share great times and foster imaginative play. In our family, we keep adding new parts to replace those lost over time. They are probably under the sofa or the dog has made off with them. They fit nicely into his mouth—a bite size treat. He doesn’t eat them, of course, but he likes to hide them for a fun game. He likes to watch us looking here and there for his hiding place.

Right now, I am getting all the blocks together to make an exact Lego replica of the garage. It is an ambitious idea as the work area is loaded with tools and implements for the woodworking trade. I have collected these things over the years and have inherited more than a few. My favorite is the best drill press that my dad owned and handed down to me. It is a variable speed marvel. I wonder how I can recreate its special features. For now, I will just tell you about them. My drill press is almost an industrial model and a powerhouse of a tool. It delivers equal torque throughout its RPM range. It also has a laser centering device to facilitate accurate drilling operations. I love the LED display that shows the current speed while the spindle travel’s adjustable depth stop shows clear depth measurements. I have enjoyed using this drill press for many construction and craft projects.

I will include in my recreation other tools such as the typical electric saw, nail gun, automatic stapler, and assorted hammers and screw drivers. It will be cute as my wife says about Lego buildings. I will put a miniature me right in there with all the tools and the work bench. I am careful about selecting the right blocks in a predetermined palette of colors. I am an old hand at this game so it will be just right. I will know when I get my son’s approval. The work is not done until he gives me an okay. I will allow him to make adjustments as he sees fit.

Some of our former family constructions are still in place in the garage. Will I therefore make a replica of a replica? Maybe I will draw the line here as the Legos are of equal size. I don’t have a mini set. I will leave these mementos of former good times out of the current project. I will, however, make space for this new one. At some point, I will need the blocks so I will disassemble my Lego art for future use. No matter. My son loves making a trip to the toy store to buy new pieces. I won’t deny him this perpetual treat.