A Non-Building Interest of the Kiddo?!?

It’s all about bricks in our house—yes, for the entire family. It has thrown us a bit now that Kiddo Brick wants to play on a friend’s soccer team. I am worried that this will new activity will infringe on our communal building time, something we have been doing for a while now. We went to a lot of effort to get our child interested, and now he has a non-building interest all his own. I am going to have to get into soccer mighty fast. There are enough children and plenty of matches on TV. We can still have a group hobby, so I am not going to despair.

I am a little worried about the intensity of the game and the problem of headaches and concussions. I hope it is true that they have banned headers for youth. I need a good introduction to the sport and the basics of what to wear, how to hone one’s skills, and all the basics. Mom and Dad are going to invest in some training equipment from https://www.topcornermag.com/best-soccer-training-equipment/ to start the kiddo out right. Maybe we may have to hire a personal coach. I look online and it says you can find an “experienced coach by age and city who can help you improve your athletic performance and reach your individual goals.” That sounds so serious for a young one under ten. I think a teenage player from the local high school might do just as well. We need someone who will teach our son youth simple soccer drills. They must be appropriate to his skill level. Do we need a practice goal net? As my Uncle Jim used to say, “all shall be revealed.”

While they have loads of coaching videos online, I want the experience to be more real for my child. I want to set up a lifelike training regimen that will prepare him for the real deal. Training is important in any sport and it is not just a few warm-up exercises. It means learning the actual moves and techniques, just like they occur on the field. A backyard system will be a mini version that will expose Kiddo to soccer as it is played on a team. Using it for training will tell me his level of skill and if he really takes to the game. I am going to order a few things and I hope they do not have any assembly required.

So many kids play soccer nowadays that you can discuss it with almost every parent around. Your offspring will have lots of play dates if you have the training gear. Why not have soccer parties for the neighborhood? A theme could be “getting in shape for soccer” or “soccer kids challenge.” We can have a few competitive events and soccer-themed prizes like gift certificates to use at the local sports emporium. Our family hobby will now be shared with everyone. Making friends is easy and fun.