Who Knew?

As a tight-knit family, we go through everything together. Nothing is withheld, including to Kiddo. Life is full of trials and tribulations that rear their ugly heads at every turn. When mom and dad have to make big household decisions, it concerns the whole gang. That is how children should grow up. Maybe we have to budget for a certain expense, making important ones impossible until a later date. I say this because recently the water heater broke and we needed to get a new one installed. We opted for the best we could afford, a state-of-the-art tankless electrical unit, such that a weekend camping trip had to be postponed for a short while. It is so inconvenient when the hot water turns cold during your morning shower. It is more than inconvenient when you can’t light the pilot and have to spend $100 on a plumber. It was time, we all thought, to get the best appliance and to ensure an adequate supply of hot water for years to come. Those old tank models are so obsolete. You can still buy them at a low price, but who would want one? When you make a change, why not anticipate the future?

We didn’t even have to take a family vote. It was so obvious that a tankless water heater was the right choice. They are economical and save significant funds on monthly utility bills. After a while, maybe a year or more, the unit pays for itself. The new heaters are also energy efficient and save on precious resources. Everyone is into being green these days, trying to avoid waste of any kind, such as when a huge amount of water is sitting idle in your hot water tank waiting to be used. With tankless systems, they generate only what you need, when you need it. The discussion about being tuned into sustainability was valuable for all family members – or almost as Kiddo is a bit young. At least we are preparing him for the future.

A benefit of installing the new tankless water heater was the special expertise of the plumber. After installing the unit and explaining how it works, he went on to present the positive qualities of a home water filtration system from Home Water Health. We never would have considered adding something like this right after the new heater. The plumber assured us that we would enjoy pure, clean, pollutant-free water which would conserve this valuable resource as it would help control usage. We could also stop buying those nasty unrecyclable plastic bottles. I envision piles of them in a crowded landfill. They don’t biodegrade, but sit there forever as a testimony to the foolishness of modern man.

We don’t feel foolish any longer. We love both our new appliances and particularly enjoy softer, contaminant-free water. It is perfectly safe now to drink or cook from the tap. It is practical, easy, economical, and wise. We need more clever inventions to bring our standard of living to the right level.