Been Some Late Nights Here at the Brick House

While my husband and I are pretty handy around the house (a requirement if you have kids), there are times when we need a little help. The ceiling fan in Kiddo’s room has been running super slow, which makes it hard for Kiddo to sleep. That makes is harder for everyone to sleep! There have been some late nights here at our house. Rather than hire an expensive electrician, we decided to combine forces and become the family handymen. All we needed were some basic troubleshooting tips to get the fan working properly again. We first searched for the original instructions that came with the device. It had installation procedures and a website for other issues. We went there together with two pairs of eyes staring intently at the screen to absorb the information. A few key notes were taken.

The guide on the website was pretty thorough and covered all sorts of malfunctions and complications, most of which you probably can’t fix yourself. It simply states the reason for them. They assume you know how to proceed or have the sense to call someone who does. We have a good set of tools in the garage so we were optimistic about completing the task of literally getting the ceiling fan up to speed. The unit could need cleaning for one thing. The electrical connection is not likely to be the cause. The fan either runs or it doesn’t. The tiny motor might be full of accumulated dust.

And so on. We read about the remote and the wall control as they could be the culprit. Again, they either work or they don’t. Here is the kicker: you might have the wrong setting—on low in this case given the visible evidence. This would make the fan too slow. It is a speed some people like for a gentle circulation of air. We wanted the room to be cooler overall. We checked the controls and they were set correctly at medium speed. The guide said that the control might be “stuck.” If you turn the switch off and on again it should right itself. If not, you would need to send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement.

Fortunately this tactic worked and the fan started to whir nicely to everyone’s delight. Kiddo was ecstatic. We thanked the site on their Facebook page. He thought the whole thing was super amusing. He enjoyed watching us scurry about trying to fix the darn thing. After all, it wasn’t that old and had cost a tidy sum. We wanted one with a nice central light fixture and a dimmer, apart from the master speed control. We even matched the blade finish to the color of his little boy’s room. We bought the deluxe model to ensure smooth operation and a quality appearance. But the fan had let us down. As it turns out it wasn’t a huge problem. We are grateful for the website guide that set it right in no time flat.