What not to do With a Faucet

Kids get into all kinds of trouble. Our Kiddo is no exception. All the parents I know have cute, and not so cute, stories to tell. We are all in the same boat from the time our offspring can walk. Try to kid proof our homes but somehow at one time or another they find a way to wreak havoc. It can be innocent enough such as raiding a low cupboard and taking out all the contents—spreading them across the kitchen floor. It can also be devilish such as putting toys down the toilet, throwing things out the window (if you foolishly leave it open) or pulling buttons off mom’s favorite coat.

Our little one has been known to use crayons on the walls (thank God, they have invented erasable ones) and the floor. He spills things regularly and breaks anything in sight. Ceramic objects are like magnets for his little hands. The problem is that he likes to let go. I am certain that he spends every waking hour thinking up ways to drive us crazy. I am sure you can relate and have your own tales to tell. Today, I have a whopper. Our loving child somehow managed to get the aerator off the bathroom sink and stuffed a couple of Legos into the gaping hole. It was so tempting, and so destructive. Daddy Brick had to take the sink apart to fix it and retrieve the toys. He isn’t the best handyman and he broke the faucet. His wrench was too tight I guess and now sported a huge dent. I wouldn’t allow him to put it back in place in this condition.

Now I had to take over. It was my job to find a replacement that suited our bathroom style. Big decision. I looked at dozens of photos on line and read all the features and benefits. It isn’t the most interesting reading, but somehow, I managed to land on the Pfister page – https://www.kitchenfaucetdepot.net/pfister-faucet-brand-review/. I recognized this well-known, quality brand and loved the designs I saw. While researching the best faucets, I noticed a website on how to repair a faucet. If only my hubby had checked it out. However, I am not unhappy that I get a new state-of-the-art streamlined gem in my favorite bathroom. I must admit that the old one was plain and out of date. People go for luxury and décor when it comes to practical home items. It is seen as an upgrade for sure.

My Pfister is a brushed chrome beauty of perfect proportions. The curve is elegant and the perfect size. The matching handles are as well wrought as the main spigot. They have little concave depressions at the bottom as a touch of finesse. No wonder this is such a popular brand. I don’t mind a few extra dollars for the best of the best. I know I will be thoroughly pleased when it is installed—by a professional!